Dixie Singletrack 3-day MTB Tour

The Dixie Basin in Southwestern Utah is home to spectacular mountain bike singletrack riding on terrain ranging from Strider friendly trails to the infamous fins, drops, jumps, and canyon gaps of Redbull Rampage* courses.  We’ll pack your days full of FUN riding and fabulous views of the Pine Mtn Wilderness, and into Zion National Park.

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Price: $932.50/person

Call for availability: 435-259-4464


  • amazing breakfast
  • skill instruction

Day 1 – Breakfast on your own. We’ll meet 9am at the St George Airport to load all personal gear before we depart by van to our first ride. A safety orientation will be given before we begin riding. We’ll end the day at our layover camp with a delicious dinner and campfire talk.

Day 2 – Your Guides will start your day with hot Fresh Moab Coffee, OJ, and an amazing breakfast meal. The ultimate goal for this day is to ride your brains out, or just chill at camp – whatever will make the most of your day! Your Guides will deliver a map talk, and more skill instruction before you depart camp as well as throughout the day. You’ll eventually all end up back around the camp fire, sharing another fantastic meal and recounting fun stories from the day.

Day 3 – Awaken to a spectacular sunrise, fuel up with a hearty breakfast and you’re back in the saddle again. We’ll ride one more loop, or two, or three… depending on the group’s interests and travel schedule.

We plan to return to St George Airport by 5pm.


WHERE DO WE MEET?  We meet the group at the St George Airport.  Your Guides will deliver a brief pre-trip orientation and equipment check before heading to your first ride.  Introductions, trip details, rental equipment, and questions can all be taken care of at this time.  You’ll receive 2 Dry Bags, water & dust proof bags for packing your personal equipment for the trip.

If you will be a late arrival please let us know as soon as possible!

Is This Trip For You?

DO I NEED PREVIOUS MOUNTAIN BIKE EXPERIENCE?  Previous MTB experience is highly recommended.  All of our Guides are experienced riders and BICP certified MTB Instructors.  Daily, we discuss and demonstrate MTB techniques and safe riding skills to help improve your ability and confidence on the mountain bike.

HOW MANY MILES PER DAY?  12-28 miles/day.  Extra riding and hiking are available from camp for those who wish to extend their day.

WHAT KIND OF SHAPE DO I NEED TO BE IN?  The more fit you are when you start the trip directly equates to the less fatigued you’ll be at the end.  It all comes down to being in good general health, being accustomed to regular exercise and controlling your pace.  If you can ride at a comfortable pace for 4-6 hours at home you will do fine on the trip.

WILL I NOTICE THE ALTITUDE?  Trails in the Dixie Basin are between 2,400′ and 4,600′ above sea level.  If you live near sea level you may feel a slight difference; everyone adjusts at different rates.  The quickest way to adapt to the altitude and dry air is to make an extra effort to drink plenty of water and eat salty foods when you arrive and throughout the day during your trip.  It is dry here, so plan to drink lots of water, salt your food and snack frequently.


HOW IS THE FOOD?  We prepare healthy hearty delicious meals!  Our outstanding menu reflects the nutritional needs that mountain biking and outdoor living requires.  Our meals are prepared using locally sourced Organic Ingredients; lean meats, fresh fruits & veggies, and whole grains as well as enough sweet treats to satisfy!

We also bring snack bars & electrolyte replacement mix.

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian or other dietary requirements & requests can be accommodated with advance notice.

WHAT ABOUT BEVERAGES?  We provide Orange Juice, Fresh Moab Coffee, Black & Herbal Teas, Vitalyte (an electrolyte replacement mix) and plenty of yummy water.  If you want to bring beer, wine, soft drinks or extra juice, we request you bring aluminum cans or plastic containers only!  We typically have room for four beverages per person per day in our cooler.  Please transfer wines & spirits from glass bottles to a plastic or metal bottle with a tight fitting screw cap lid.


WHAT ABOUT TIPPING?  While not expected, it’s certainly appreciated for a job well done.  20% of the cost of your trip is customary in the service industry.

Travel Companions

WHO COMES ON MAGPIE CYCLING’S TRIPS?  Typically we have a spirited mixture of singles & couples as well as friends & family traveling together.  Many have joined us on numerous adventures in the past.  The ability range within open groups can span from experienced beginners to expert mountain bikers.  All seem to share the common bond of an appreciation for the outdoors and an active lifestyle.  We’ll gladly supply references and the make-up of any trip that you are interested in joining.

ARE CHARTER TRIPS AVAILABLE?  Yes, any of our trips can be chartered by your Private Party!  You bring the group and we’ll take care of the details!  Custom itineraries are available: dates, amenities, activities, etc are negotiable.  To schedule a Charter Trip call (435) 259-4464.


WHO ARE THE GUIDES?  All trips are lead by our BICP certified Professional MTB Guide/Instructor Staff; Mike Adler, Mike Rundle, Sasha Pasler, Eric Boxrud, and of course, the owners, Mike Holme & Maggie Wilson.  Our Staff have a wealth of knowledge about the local area and a comfortable style bringing people together like a group of friends having fun on an amazing adventure vacation.


CAN I BRING MY OWN BIKE?  Yes, you must make sure your bike is in good repair and has been recently serviced by a qualified bike shop.  It’s vital to check all systems; brakes, shifters, drive train, cables, tires, wheels, and shocks.

WHERE DO WE LEAVE OUR CAR DURING OPEN GROUP TRIPS?  At the Pre-Trip Meeting we’ll define where we’ll meet the following morning to launch our trip.  This is where you’ll leave your car parked during the trip



WHAT ARE THE ACCOMMODATIONS LIKE?  These are camping trips!  The campsites are at large sites on lands managed by the BLM SGFO.  Some trailheads and parking areas have pit toilets that are cleaned and stocked with paper regularly.

IS CAMPING GEAR AVAILABLE FOR RENT?  Yes!  Magpie Cycling has rental camping gear available (tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads).  Advanced reservations are essential!