Grand Canyon North Rim

Northwestern, Arizona

Tour Overview:

Ride a mountain bike through the post-card views of the Grand Canyon North Rim on rolling singletrack trails through lush meadows & shady forests. These 5-day trips are best suited for riders with some MTB experience. Ride at your own pace, explore side attractions, learn new skills and eat delicious food.


Price: $1,175.00

Duration: 5-day MTB Tour

Tour Highlights:

  • Post-card views of the Grand Canyon
  • Rolling singletrack trails through lush meadows & shady forests
  • Eat delicious food!

North Rim 5 Day

This trip was AMAZING!. Th guides were fantastic for our all women group. Mike A. was a great leader and gave little “mini” clinics that improved many of our skills. Laura was the quintessential cheerleader and super fun to ride with. Mike R. was a wonderful guide and super supportive on the trail. Josh, fantastic rider and the happiest guide I have ever met. We all had laughs galore. The food was so tasty! I am always astounded at how gourmet meals can be prepared in camp. All of my riders say that they cannot wait to book another trip. 5 Stars all the way.


Day 1 – Breakfast on your own. We meet at 7am and issue 2 Dry Bags per person – water and dust proof bags – for packing your personal equipment for the trip. We’ll load your personal gear onto the gear vehicle then depart St George by van to the start of our ride.
Ride 13 miles

Day 2 – We’ll continue southward on the Arizona Trail riding to the North Rim Village in Grand Canyon National Park where we’ll explore the historic North Rim Lodge, Visitor Center and embark on a short hike to the Bright Angel View Point.Ride 23 miles
Hike 1-3 miles

Day 3 – We’ll ride over the east/west divide on the Kaibab Plateau and descend to the western edge of the North Rim.
Ride 29 miles

Day 4 – We’ll ride south on the Rainbow Rim Trail. You’ll have plenty of time to take in the views at Timp Point where you can see Thunder River – the shortest steepest river in the world – gushing from the Red Wall Limestone 4000’ below.
Ride 18-38 miles

Day 5 – We finish this tour with the northern section of the Rainbow Rim Trail. That’s right, more riding on the most scenic single track in North America. After lunch we’ll meet our van for the return shuttle to St George – ETA 6pm.
Ride 17 miles


Frequently asked questions… IS THIS TRIP FOR YOU? – Grand Canyon North Rim 5-day

Do I need previous mountain bike experience? Yes. Some mountain biking experience is necessary to enjoy this tour. This trip is suitable for a fit experienced beginning mountain biker. Learning to safely handle a mountain bike on single track is not difficult. We will give a complete orientation prior to the start of the ride. All of our guides are experienced riders and great MTB Instructors. Daily, we will discuss and demonstrate cycling techniques and safe riding skills to help improve your ability on the mountain bike.

What kind of shape do I need to be in?  Mountain biking is a wonderful, healthy sport that attracts people of all ages and walks of life. It can be as strenuous or mellow as you make it; it all comes down to being in good general health, being accustomed to regular exercise and controlling your pace. If you can ride at a comfortable pace for 4-6 hours at home you will do fine on the trip. Remember, it is possible to ride a mountain bike for fun and it doesn’t have to be a race. Everyone rides at their own pace so there is plenty of time for photos and relaxing.

How many miles per day? On this 5-day trip we ride 13-38 miles per day. Mountain biking moves at a slower pace compared to road riding. A rough rule of thumb is to double the number of mountain biking miles when comparing MTB to road riding (10 miles on a mountain bike feels like 20 on the road). Extra riding and hiking is always available from each camp for those who wish to extend their day.

Will I notice the altitude? Our route on the Kaibab Plateau lies between 6000′ and 9000′ above sea level. If you live near sea level you will feel a difference, and everyone adjusts at different rates. The quickest way to acclimate to the altitude and dry air is to make an extra effort to drink plenty of water and eat salty foods when you first arrive and throughout the day during the trip. It’s dry in the southwest, so drink and snack frequently.

Grand Canyon North Rim CHARTER Trips

Perfect for your special celebration, small family reunions, staff retreats – you name your date window, you invite your friends, and then we build a custom itinerary that best suits your groups’ skill and interests while maximizing your vacation experience.

Picture yourself at the Grand Canyon

Getting the band back together!” – Mike, FL

This week is yours for riding, hiking to View Points, sleeping out under the stars or just kicking back at camp and taking in the spectacular views. Our meals are delicious, and our Guides are seasoned experts who will help you make this the best week of riding you’ve ever had!