Multi-Day Tour Packing Info…

You’ll receive 2 Dry Bags – water & dust proof bags – for packing your personal belongings.  The large bag is for your clothes, sleeping bag & sleeping pad; it’s carried on top of the gear vehicle and is not easily accessible during the day. The small bag is for extra clothing & items you may need during the day and don’t want to carry on your bike. The small bag is carried on the gear vehicle and easily accessible when you’re near the gear vehicle. Finally, your Hydration Pack is for items you need with you while riding; water, snacks, sunscreen, camera, rain jacket, etc.

NOTE: We have limited space on the gear vehicle; follow the equipment list carefully! Bring only what you’ll need for your trip; excess clothing and gear can be left in your hotel or car.

Desert Multi-Day Gear – packing list

SEASONAL TEMPERATURES – April, May, Sept & early Oct trips usually have cool nights (35-55F), warm sunny days (65-95F) and the possibility of some wind & thunderstorms. In March, early April & late Oct expect colder nights (30-45F), clear to partly cloudy days (60-80F) and the possibility of some wind & thunderstorms. We suggest dressing in layers, with good Gore-Tex rain gear as the top layer.

EQUIPMENT LIST: MULTI-DAY DESERT TOURS – This equipment list was compiled from personal guiding experience and updated with guest feedback from mountain bike trips beginning in 1985. It’s not meant to overwhelm, but to educate & prepare you for the varied conditions we’ve experienced in the field. By taking time to thoroughly go over this list, you’ll begin to insure the quality of your trip. Items in Italics are available for rent, with advanced reservations.

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT – Bike Helmet (rental bikes come with helmets) – Sunhat, Baseball Cap or Visor – Eye Protection (if prescription, bring a spare pair) – Hydration Pack (minimum 70 oz reservoir and capacity for snacks etc) – Cycling Gloves – Closed Toed Shoes – Sunscreen and Lip Screen (light colored clothing also works)

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – Sunglasses – Bandanna – Base Layers (synthetic or wool, avoid cotton!) – Down Jacket – Ski Hat (Wool or Fleece) – Cycling Shorts – Shorts – Long Pants – Gore-Tex Rain Suit – Sandals – Earplugs (for sleeping) – Headlamp or Flashlight (with new batteries, spare bulb and extra batteries) – Personal First Aid Kit (Include anti-Inflammatory, anti-acid, Band-Aids, topical antibiotic, Aloe Vera gel, athletic tape or Second Skin, cold/sinus meds, eye drops, personal & prescription medications), hiking poles.

PERSONAL ITEMS – Toilet Kit (normal toiletries in small travel sizes) – Wash Cloths (1 per day for your daily “desert shower”) – Insect Repellent (Citronella works well on gnats)

OPTIONAL ITEMS – Camera – Book – Personal Journal or Pencil & Paper – Binoculars – Small Musical Instrument – Beverages (CANS ONLY PLEASE, 4 cans per person per day, transfer wines and liquors from glass to a plastic bottle with secure screw-top lid)

CAMPING GEAR – You can rent all items in Italics from Magpie Cycling Adventures with advanced reservations – Tent (with rainfly, stakes, poles, stuff sack, ground cloth/foot print & 50 ft. 1/8″ Nylon Cord to secure tent in places where soil is thin) – Sleeping Bag with stuff sack – compact bag with synthetic fill, rated 20-30F – Sleeping Pad (Thermarest self inflating pad)

MOUNTAIN BIKE RENTALS – Advance reservations are necessary! Many different brands and styles of Full Suspension Mountain Bikes are available for rent from Moab’s local bike shops. We’re happy to make a reservation for you from the Poison Spider Bicycles fleet, as well as pick-up & return the bike before & after the trip. We’ll need to know your height and inseam to insure that we reserve a bike in your correct size.

For example:  Poison Spider Bicycles Full Suspension Mountain Bike rental rates for a 4-day rental are approximately;  $259 Standard | $325 Mid-Range, | $412 High-End Premium.

Or, you can make a rental bike reservation at your shop of choice, pay that shop directly and transport (pick-up and return) the bike to our staging/parking area before and after the trip.

IF YOU RENT A BIKE Your bike must be in excellent condition. Consider bringing the following items from your personal bike; your own comfortable mountain bike seat (without the seat post), your own MTB pedals and shoes.

IF YOU BRING YOUR OWN BIKE Full Suspension is Highly Recommended!  Your bike must be in excellent repair!  Service all systems: brakes, drive train & wheels.  Magpie Cycling assumes no responsibility for the condition of your personal bike and reserves the right to deny usage of bikes considered unsafe by your Guide!  Our tools are for minor adjustments & repairs while on the trip.

SHIPPING YOUR BIKE – send it FedEx or UPS to Magpie Cycling, 711 North 500 West, Moab, UT 84532.  Clearly mark exterior of box; “Please Assemble” or “Please Hold for Magpie Cycling”.

WHAT TO CARRY WHILE RIDING MY BIKE – All you need to carry is your Hydration Pack with at least a 100 oz. reservoir, MTB multi-tool, flat repair kit, food, and a rain jacket.  The 4WD Gear Vehicle travels behind the group carrying the camp food, first aid, cold beverages and group & personal equipment to the evening’s campsite.