Trail of the Ancients 5-day Tour

Bears Ears, Utah

This is an overland journey by bike and foot that explores the remote forests & canyons of The Bears Ears, Elk Ridge, and the Canyoncountry through a region rich in Cultural History.  We’ll visit sites with remnants of multiple cultures that lived off the land in this fantastically scenic and wickedly rugged area.

Ranchers & the Ancient Puebloans (aka “Anasazi”) lived in these canyons, and built structures out of stone, wood, and mud before vanishing up to seven centuries ago.  Spanish explorers were the first Anglos to see this amazing country in the 1700’s.  And since then, numerous cowhands and miners have worked the land, barely eking out a living.  They all left something in their passing that contributes to the cultural richness that is found in this extraordinary region.

Tour Overview:

The MTB will be your access tool as you travel between camps and hiking trailheads on dirt roads with some rugged sections, demanding climbs, steep descents, sand, and miles of fantastically scenic cruising.  The hikes are all-day adventures that will give you an intimate appreciation for the tenacity and fortitude of those who chose to live off the lands in this area.  You’ll be entering a uniquely secluded and difficult to access region in the country – a wild land of thick forests, expansive mesas, sandstone canyons, and monolithic spires.

Price: $1,445/person


  • healthy & hearty delicious meals
  • shuttle rides